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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if my child is ill?

    Should your child show any sign of illness they should be kept at home and especially if this includes one of the Covid-19 symptoms - please err on the side of caution at all times. Everyone is now entitled to a coronavirus test, if they have symptoms, including school age children. Please make sure your family go for testing if they develop any symptom that might be coronavirus infection.
  • What happens if my child falls ill at school?

    If your child is well enough then the class adult will accompany your child to reception which is the designated isolation area. If your child is not well enough to walk to reception, the teacher will remove the other children and designated first aider in appropriate PPE will support your child to the reception area. The designated first aiders for this task are Mrs Herbert, Mrs Flack, Mrs Webber and Mr Grierson. Someone will remain with your child until you are able to collect them.
  • What will the classroom be like?

    All unnecessary items will be removed from classrooms and stored elsewhere. Items such as play dough, sand and soft furnishings and toys will be removed from classrooms as they are more difficult to be cleaned and to reduce contact surfaces. Children will have their own stationery and Chromebook or computer to limit the sharing of resources. There will be a maximum of 15 children in any bubble and they will be sat individually at socially distanced tables. Frequent handwashing will become part of the normal routine.
  • What are you doing to keep the school clean?

    In addition to the normal daily after-school clean, we are putting in a lot of extra cleaning protocols. Teachers and classroom staff will be cleaning classrooms at the end of each session. We will also be having extra cleaning of toilets at lunchtime. In addition to the cleaning of surfaces we will also be ensuring that the children and staff wash their hands regularly.
  • Does my child have to wear school uniform?

    Children should wear their own clothes which need to be suitable for school life and weather conditions.  These must be clean each day to minimise the risk of infection and will need to include a jumper or cardigan as doors and windows will be open to maintain a good level of ventilation. We suggest you write your child's name or initials on the jumper or cardigan label. Children's footwear should be safe and appropriate for running around in - flip flops and crocs are not permitted.