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Stoke Canon CofE Primary School

Nurture and Grow Together through Compassion, Integrity and Kindness

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Worship at Stoke Canon C of E Primary School


Nurture and Grow Together through Compassion, Integrity and Kindness


As a small rural village primary school, we are surrounded by the amazing landscape of the Devon countryside. Planting and harvesting are part of our daily lives so therefore we use the Parable of the Sower from Matthew 13 to show our pupils that if we nurture each other and give each other the right support to grow as individuals then we will develop love, honesty and respect for each other and everyone in our global community. 



‘But as for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and yields’


Parable of the Sower  Matthew (13:23)







Our curriculum is underpinned by the set of values including our core Christian values of Compassion, Kindness and Integrity that enable us to live

Life in all its fullness’ John (10:10)

For our worship programme we follow the Imaginor "Roots and Fruits" scheme which is based on 18 core values. We also include other relevant topical events and celebrations e.g. Parliament Week and Black History Month which we link to our core values. We also champion Modern British Values as part of our rolling programme.



On Monday we have a whole school assembly in church. The assembly is based around our key values. We look at a value for three to four weeks and link it to the time of year.







On Tuesday we give the children the opportunity to consider a "Big Question". There is classroom worship and the involvement of the children as Worship Monitors. Types of "Big Questions" include; What does respect look like in the classroom?, How can our generosity help future generations, Why are Modern British Values important?






On Wednesday we are back in church and the children bring their class reflection journals and the Worship Monitors share the reflection journals and we celebrate anyone who has been showing those values.











On Thursday we have a whole school hymn practice either in school or in church.









On Friday we celebrate the achievements of our children in our Celebration Assembly.