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Early Years & Key Stage 1

  •  Children are assessed at the end of every half term with the aim of making one or two levels progress. If a child is identified as needing support then we offer daily 1 to 1 sessions to boost their progress and support gaps in knowledge.  
  • Children's progress is carefully monitored by the Reading Leader who will organise phonic groups and 1 to 1 tuition on a regular basis to ensure that children are given a suitable level of challenge as well as the support that they need to make good progress. 
  • In the RWI scheme, children are identified as meeting age related expectations when they can read books within a particular colour band with confidence. These are as follows:

         End of Pre-school - to identify several initial sounds

         End of Reception - to read Green/Purple level books with confidence

         End of Year 1 - to read Blue level books with confidence

         End of Year 2 - reading within the Comprehension group with confidence.  

  • Regular phonic assessments are also carried out throughout the year to help identify areas for supporting children in developing their decoding skills and be pass Phonics Screening Checks that take place in Year 1 with confidence. 
  • Children in Key Stage 1 who are reading at Blue level and above will also have regular Accelerated Reader assessments to ensure children are being suitably challenged with their comprehension as well as their decoding skills. 


Key Stage 2


  • Regular Accelerated Reader assessments to occur each half term to ensure that children are engaging with their chosen reading materials. 
  • Daily reading groups take place, where teachers are able to have discussions about certain literary features and support with comprehension or decoding. 
  • When children are identified as needing support, regular 1 to 1 or small group interventions take place such as Read, Write, Wordblaze or Star Reader. The impact of each intervention is regularly monitored to ensure that the intervention given as supporting children to make good progress.