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Being able to read with fluency, skill and understanding is a crucial skill for education and for life, both in terms of enjoyment and for learning. At Stoke Canon C of E Primary School and The Three Rivers Federation, we are committed to ensuring that all of our children are taught to read well through a purposeful, systematic and engaging curriculum, in discreet reading lessons and through learning opportunities across the curriculum. Above all, we want children in our school to become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers who love to read.


A reader from Stoke Canon C of E Primary school will:


  • Be able to read with confidence, skill and understanding.
  • Read for pleasure and gain enjoyment from reading. 
  • Discuss the things they enjoy in the books they read and recommend books and authors to their peers. 
  • Know about a wide range of authors and genres. 
  • Be able to apply the things they have learnt in phonics to help them read and decode unfamiliar words. 
  • Enjoy reading and understanding the meaning of new words. 
  • Be exposed to high quality books, from a variety of cultures and in a range of different styles and formats. 
  • Apply their reading skills in both their writing and their understanding of the wider curriculum. 
  • By the end of year 6 all children will be reading at age related expectations or above. 
  • By the end of year 2 all children will have completed the RWI phonics program and will be at age related or above expectations according to the national curriculum.