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Lime Class (Year R)

Welcome to Lime Tree Class

We are a Reception class who enjoy learning through a mix of play and teacher lead experiences.


Mrs Whewell teaches us everyday. We also see lots of the ladies in Pre-school when we join up for independent learning and physical activities, and also work with Year 1 and 2 for a bit 3 afternoons a week.


We start the day by meeting in the Pre-school playground before coming in and have a wake up, shake up song to get our brains going. Everyday we have a phonics session, which is vital to our learning across the rest of our school career, some time to explore Maths ideas and some time to focus on writing. We also have a different topic each half term and explore that further in the afternoons usually, although it does creep into our morning work without us noticing sometimes! At the end of day, we have a story read to us before we go home.


Information about our topics and what we will be learning can be found in our topic webs below, along with some photographs of the fun we have at school.

Autumn 1 - Marvellous Me

We are starting our year learning about how marvellous we are as individuals and how things in our lives can be similar or different to other people, especially those in our class. Please have a look at our topic web to find out more.

Autumn 2 - Animal Stories

This half term, we are using various animal stories to learn about pets, dinosaurs and the nativity animals. We are even hoping to have some pet visitors to inspire some writing. Please have a look at the topic web and letter below to find out more.

Spring 1 - We're off on a journey

This half term, we are 'Off on a journey', learning about different types of transport and comparing life in England to what it would be like to live in Australia. We are hoping to take a few us or train trips and also celebrate Australia day. Please look at the information below to find out more.

Australia Day, 26th January

As part of our 'We're on a journey' topic, we have been learning about Australia and thinking about how it is similar or different to England. On 26th January, Australian's celebrate Australia Day, so we did too.


We have had a great day learning about and celebrating Australia Day. We started by doing an Australian animal wake and shake, then learnt about captain James Cook landing in Australia and invading with lots of English prisoners. We watched some videos of the celebrations and made our boats ready for a boat race. We then did a science experiment to make fireworks before using wax crayons and water colours to make an aboriginal turtle painting. We finished the day by learning an aboriginal dance.

This half term, we are learning all about what makes someone a superhero, how we can be heroes and who the heroes are that live around us. We will also be exploring the emerging spring time and how Jesus can be our Superhero at Easter time. For more information, please look at the topic web and letter below.

World Book Day

We have had an amazing World Book Day in Lime Class. We started the day sharing a reading breakfast with Pre-school, and had croissants and bread with jam and butter. We then joined the rest of the school for an assembly and heard about a local hero called Mary Anning, and the staff told us which book they would be reading later in the day for us to choose to listen to. Before lunch, we joined the author Catherine Rayner online to hear 3 of her stories and all about how she writes her books. After lunch, we then chose a story to listen to (no-one wanted to stay with Mrs Davey so we all visited TA's from further up the school!) before joining pre-school again to watch Zog. Just before we went home, we did a book scavenger hunt. We learnt where to find the title as we had to find certain pictures in books and write down the title of the book. Mrs Davey also read 3 of the books we had brought in across the day. What a great, book filled day!

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum

Below are a few links if you wish to find out more about the Foundation Stage and the sort of things we will learning. The first link is the 'official' EYFS document and the second link has been designed with parents in mind, and provide some great ideas of how you can aid your child's learning at each stage.

Areas of Learning


Below I have begun to create pages to provide you with ideas to support your child in developing skills in several areas of learning. Please click on the pages below to discover ideas and activities to support your child's development at home. 

Phonic Fun


I have included some website links below that I sometimes use during our phonic sessions.  The children enjoy playing these games and find them very engaging. The aim is to use your phonic knowledge to decode real and nonsense words and sort them correctly. This game is a fun way for children to practice using their decoding skills.

Maths Games


We often play some quick Maths games to get our brains working. I have included the link to some of the them which might be good to play if you get the chance.