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Sport and Health

Physical Education (PE)


An active child from Three Rivers Foundation will:


  • Develop a lifelong passion(interest) in sport and fitness as an individual or part of a team.
  • Make well  informed decisions about healthy lifestyles for their physical and mental health. 
  • Use skills taught to communicate, collaborate and compete with each other in a range of situations.
  • Be safe in and around water.
  • Become physically confident, creative and proud of their own achievements in a range of sports/activities.
  • Develop resilience, teamwork, sportsmanship and confidence through competitive and performance opportunities


Our PE sessions will be both indoor and outdoor for Reception and Key Stage 1. They focus on mastering basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination. Pupils are encouraged to participate in team games and to develop simple tactics for being an effective team member. Pupils from Year 1 complete lessons inside and outside and also use the facilities of Exeter University for swimming and gymnastics. We ensure wider participation in the community by involvement in interschool sports, learning community competitions and specialist sports college events.



Our intent at Stoke Canon is that children will be given an opportunity to develop a lifelong interest in sport, fitness and PE. Their understanding of the health benefits of physical activity will allow them to make informed decisions about healthy living in the future. As a school we believe that children’s learning should demonstrate clear progression from year to year. To achieve this in PE, all teachers use Devon pedpass planning units, schemes they are familiar with, specific sports guidelines and year group progression documents. We also value the expertise of external coaches who can offer learning opportunities that enhance those delivered by our teachers. It is our intent to build relationships with external providers of sport to develop community links and allow children at Stoke Canon to experience extracurricular sport.  As PE attracts significant funding through the Primary PE and Sport Premium, the PE lead and members of the Senior Leadership Team will ensure this spending is in line within the 5 key priorities:

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity
The profile of PE being raised across the school
Increased knowledge, confidence and skills of staff in teaching PE
Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
Increased participation in competitive sport

To ensure that children meet the expectations of our curriculum they will be timetabled to do a minimum of 2 hours of PE per week. The focus on PE teaching in EYFS and KS1 will be on fundamental skills, KS2 will focus on specific sports. Children are encouraged to improve their fitness levels during PE lessons, including muscular and cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility.


PE at Stoke Canon places a high value on secure and detailed knowledge of individual sports, rules, tactics and specific vocabulary related to a given sport. We also recognise the close link between PE and the Science curriculum. Scientific concepts relating to PE are reinforced in PE lessons. These links between science and sport will be made explicit to children and are mapped alongside the science curriculum. It is our intent that as well as the knowledge and skills associated with PE, children are also taught; communication, collaboration, resilience, honesty, respect, leadership and perseverance in PE lesson




- Children participate in high-quality PE lessons twice a week covering two different sports/skills per term.

-Teachers use, and adapt planning and resources to ensure lessons across years show progression.

-Classes follow the PE overview to ensure pupils participate in a variety of sports.

-Children participate in a variety of competitive sports as part of our school sports partnerships. We attend sports festivals for Key Stage 1 and 2 and participate in Change4Life festival.

-Prior to the pandemic all children from Year 1 to Year 6 attend swimming lessons 

-We provide children with opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities that are inclusive, enjoyable and increase children’s physical activity. SEND enabled sports clubs are available to both KS1 and KS2 pupils.

-Annually, we have sporting challenges for charity and to try new activities and we have a whole school sports day




At Stoke Canon C of E Primary School, we ensure that our PE curriculum is progressive and allows children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of sports and activities. All children are provided with the skills and given opportunities to demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best. Our pupils are physically active and this has positive implications on their learning in the classroom. Children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of exercise.  We hope children enjoy PE and develop a love of sport, and physical activity, that they pursue outside of school and in future life outside of primary school. All pupils understand the values and importance of fair play and being a good sportsperson. Year 6 pupils leave school with the skills to self-rescue in the water and swim 25 metres competently.


Throughout the whole school we offer a physical education curriculum appropriate to each class. Our curriculum is delivered in an inclusive manner. Pupils are provided with a balance of individual, group and team activities some of which are competitive. We promote the impact that Physical activity can have on a pupil's mental health and well-being. Pupils have access to a differentiated revised curriculum linked to games, gymnastic activities, dance, athletic activities, swimming, outdoor activities and health related fitness. This range of experiences is intended to provide for pupils’ increasing self confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations and to increase understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It allows for them to develop as part of a team, learning how to communicate with others and work together. Pupils have access to out-of-school competitions such as School Games, the School Games formats includes boccia, new age curling, football, and swimming.


PE Programmes of Study: