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Stoke Canon CofE Primary School

Nurture and Grow Together through Compassion, Integrity and Kindness

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Vision and Ethos


Our School Vision


Nurture and Grow Together through Compassion, Integrity and Kindness


Stoke Canon Primary School aims to provide a happy, caring Christian atmosphere, where children can learn and develop to the full, supported by close co-operation between parents and the school. As a small school, we take pride in providing a friendly and caring atmosphere in which children can learn and grow. We aim to help pupils develop the appropriate skills and attitudes so that they can make the most of their abilities. Our school aims to be a happy, friendly and lively place in which the children learn the art of self-discipline in a structured environment, whilst feeling valued and cared for. We believe that they should feel secure enough to question and think for themselves, work hard and experience fun. We believe that every person involved with this school is part of a team and should be respected and valued as such. Everyone should be encouraged to show compassion and kindness to ourselves, our environment and one another,


We support and nurture our pupils to grow academically, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually through a values-based curriculum. 


Our classes are all based on the names of trees, so the children enter ‘Little Acorns’ in Pre-School and progress to Oak in Year 5/6.


As a small rural village primary school, we are surrounded by the amazing landscape of the Devon countryside. Planting and harvesting are part of our daily lives so therefore we use the Parable of the Sower from Matthew 13 to show our pupils that if we nurture each other and give each other the right support to grow as individuals then we will develop love, honesty and respect for each other and everyone in our global community. 


‘But as for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and yields’


Parable of the Sower  Matthew (13:23)





Our curriculum is underpinned by the set of values including our core Christian values of Compassion, Kindness and Integrity that enable us to live

Life in all its fullness’ John (10:10)



The Main Aims of our School






Parable of the Sower Animation - Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:4-15