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Learning new skills


Isla(Charles) laying the table for her toys.

Tanner using his art work to paint the shed.

Mason has learnt more about dinosaurs. How some have feathers and different skills. The T-rex being the deadliest and the Jurassic Park representations of the dinosaur is not all true.

Taylor is learning about fish and the survival of the fittest. Big things eating smaller things and the food chain.

Taylor is thinking about robots and what they can do for us.

Mason and Taylor did experiments on what shapes float in water and what sinks.

Mason and Taylor  learnt to work together on the puzzle for teamwork.

Taylor and Mason used Lego to learn about the world we live in.

Merrie mad a lunch box carrier out of pieces of fabric.( Christmas bags next!)

Lynton star gazing.

Anna's (Parker) new skill is flower pressing.

Alfie(Kirk) riding his bike without stabilisers!

Aidan had a blackbird nest in the barn and they fledged over Easter.

Lynton learnt a sitting straddle fold.

Lynton learnt a standing straddle fold.

Martha wearing her  new tie-dyed t shirt. She is colouring an Anglo-Saxon house picture.

Martha's scratch art picture.

Martha's two  rainbow pictures using paint and colouring pens.

Alex created a bear using embroidery.

Rosie's three scratch art pictures.

Rosie's embroidery of a penguin, rabbit and owl.

Aaron creating bead work.

Aidan is growing new plants-potatoes,carrots and radishes.Guess which is which? The snails seem to be nibbling the radishes.

Annie(Glassco) learning to use the sewing machine.

Annie(Glassco) with her rainbow bunting made with the sewing machine.

Annie (Glassco) learning to use the iron.

Jess learning to use the sewing machine.

Jess with her rainbow bunting made with the sewing machine.

Aidan's growing  baby sunflower seeds called "Baby Leo". They don't grow as tall as the seeds from school but get more flowers.

Jess learning how to saw wood.

Annie (Glassco) learning how to saw wood.

Jess and  Annie's new bug hotel.

Annie (Glassco) making and cooking  her own pancakes for breakfast.

Jess making,cooking and eating  homemade waffles.

Annie(Glassco) cooking and eating homemade waffles.

Annie(Glassco) using the sewing machine to make her new apron and then wearing it.

Aidan has the return of the blackbird to the nest in the barn and it now has five eggs. So hopefully five new blackbirds. A few days later there is three baby blackbirds that have hatched. Two to go.All blackbirds have now hatched.Within a week they have gone from little pink chicks to getting lots of feathers.

Rhys decorating by learning wallpapering.

Rhys gardening.

Rhys doing DIY- making a cabinet?

Aidan made some muffins.

Aidan learnt to spin and balance plates." It's hard to get them going but once steady they spin for a long time". (Hopefully they are non-breakable plates!!).

Aidan's art work.

Chloe's (Johnson) craft work of an owl.

Chloe's (Johnson) making a cake.(2 pictures).

Aidan's dug up their first early potatoes.

Aidan's small sunflowers called "Little Leo".They're showing signs of  flower buds.( 2 pictures).

Aidan's tomatoes, carrots and radishes.

Chloe's (Johnson) first harvest of potatoes which she has been tending to herself.

Chloe's(Johnson) first cherry tomato.