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Forced Closure of Pre-Schools


Dear Parents and Carers,


During the period of a forced closure of our pre-school, in addition to the work children have been given to take home I will be sharing ideas on our website, of activities you can do with your children at home. It would be greatly appreciated if you could add observations of your childs learning in their home school diary, this can then be added to their learning journals when we return. 

This is of course not compulsary for your children to do but optional.


Kind Regards,

Debbie Morris

Home Learning


This term in Pre-School our topic has been learning short stories such as 'The Ginger Bread Man', 'The Three Little Pigs', 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears' and 'The Selfish Crocodile', ask the children to tell you about the stories we have shared. This topic can be continued at home with different short stories, reading with your children supports the learning of new words, a sense of adventure and make believe. Encourage your child to join in with the story telling, talk about the characters and what you can see in the pictures.


 Learning Outside


    The sun is shining, here are some ideas of how you can explore in your gardens with your children.

  • Go on a bug hunt
  • Talk about what you find
  • Count how many legs, wings or dots they may have 
  • Draw or paint a picture of what you find
  • Have a listening game, stand still and quiet, what can you hear?
  • Can you build a den? (using age appropriate resources)
  • Rolling, throwing and catching a ball
  • Can you balance on one leg, hop, skip or jump
  • Have a teddy bears picnic
  • Share stories outside 
  • Play eye spy

Happy Easter

I would like to wish all our Pre-School families a very Happy Easter, l hope the good weather continues for us all during this difficult time. Please email me pictures of any work you have been doing at home, or of any creative Easter activities for me to share on the website.  

Look forward to seeing your pictures.

Take Care,


At home when children are playing they are still learning


When playing with blocks they learn to:

  • Plan and build
  • Make shapes and patterns
  • Talk and co-operate
  • Solve problems
  • Measure and compare

When playing with materials they learn to:

  • Draw, paint and glue
  • Recognise shapes, colours and lines
  • Plan and construct
  • Use finger and hand muscles
  • Create and express themselves

When children engage in pretend play they learn to:

  • Share and use equipment
  • Communicate
  • Explore roles
  • Use symbols and write
  • Use their imagination 

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