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Daily Challenge

Children's e book explaining about Coronavirus. 

Here is a link to an e book written by Axel Scheffler. He is a well known illustrator for Julia Donaldson books.He has created a book about the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. He has worked with experts to answer key questions to help children understand the changing world around them in simple  and age appropriate language for primary school children.

Important Message

Friday 5th June-Find a seed in some fruit you eat and plant it.
Thursday 4th June- Relax with play dough. Make some playdough
and have fun using it. Try adding vanilla or peppermint essence or a few drops of essential oil.
Wednesday 3rd June- Learn to skip (with a rope). If you can already skip see
how many of these ‘trick’ moves you can learn.
Tuesday 2nd June-Write a quiz for your family on a topic of your choice.
Monday 1st June-Make a marble run using lego or other materials.
Friday 22nd May-Make up a dance routine for your favourite song.
Thursday 21st May- Write a letter to someone you can't see at the moment.
Wednesday 20th May- Make a balloon powered vehicle.

Tuesday 19th May-Create a painting with string.

Please see web for more details.

Monday 18th May-Collect a household item for each letter of the alphabet.
Friday 15th May- Find as many different pieces of Lego and design and build a useful tool that will make life easier in some way.
Thursday 14th May-What is the tallest tower you can build from 6 sheets of newspaper or paper. Can your tower support the weight of a small toy? Have fun!
Wednesday 13th May -Make a bookmark for a book you have recently read or listened to or for your favourite book. Decorate it to represent that book. There is also an option to enter a competition.
Tuesday 12th May- Make a poster "Greener Devon".
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Picture 2
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Picture 4

Monday 11th May

Make a kite and then make good use of the windy weather flying it. Have fun.

Friday 8th May-V.E.Day.

Have a party! Enjoy and celebrate! Have fun.


Thursday 7th May- Prepare party food.

Wednesday 6th May- Learn a song for your V.E.Day party. 

Lyrics below for "We'll Meet Again".

Tuesday 5th May

Make a party hat for Friday- V.E. Day celebration party.

Monday 4th May

Preparations for V.E.Day- Make bunting.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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Friday 1st May

The minute challenge-things to do in a minute. How many jumps, how many skips, how many times you can write your name,how many star jumps or how many times you can bounce a ball. Please send your photos or videos or write down your results. Have fun!

Thursday 30th April

Go on a Scavenger Hunt and collect as many items that begin with the letter "S".

Wednesday 29th April

To make something out of a cereal box or other box.

Tuesday 28th April.

Draw a spaceman and write his mission statement e.g. walk backwards for 20 steps or hop 10 times.The picture then can go in your front window or on your front gate to help taking a walk more interesting.

Monday 27th April

Make a birthday card for Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday on Thursday. Please post it on social mediia with hte hastag #makeacardfortom. Don't forget to send us a copy too.

Picture 1

Friday 24th April

Build a model boat or model raft and then test it to see if it floats.

Thursday 23rd April

Create an exercise course in your garden.

Exercise challenge 3.mp4

Still image for this video

Wednesday 22nd April

Make an or whole herd of elephants from empty plastic milk bottles.

Picture 1

Tuesday 21st April

Draw or dress up as your favourite book character.

Monday 20th April

See how many different green things you can find around your house or garden.

Friday 17th April

Draw a picture of a famous person and see if we can guess who it is. Please send in your drawings. Please include in the e mail the name of the person. We want to have a guessing game to see if classmates are able to identify your person.

Thursday 16th April

Build a house for your teddy bear or favourite toy.

Wednesday 15th April

Find something for every colour of the rainbow either in your house or garden.

Tuesday 14th April

April is National Pet Month. Draw a picture or take a photo of your pet and send to us. If you don't have a pet draw a picture of the pet you would most like to have.

Thursday 9th April

How many creepy crawlies/minibeasts can you find in your garden or outside?

Who can find the most different types?

Then build a bug house and garden for them to live in.

Wednesday 8th April

Create an indoor obstacle for yourself. BE CAREFUL! Stay safe.

Picture 1

Tuesday 7th April

Draw a tree and make a thumb print of each member of your family.



Monday 6th April

Design your ideal tree house and then build a model of it using materials of your own choice.

We await photos of your designs and models.

Have fun.

Friday 3rd April

Cook something with your family. Please send in your pictures.

We would love you to also share your recipes.

Have fun.

Thursday 2nd April

Decorate a hard boiled egg for Easter.

Wednesday 1st April

Make a photo collage of your family or of something you like.

Tuesday 31st March

Finding things-Treasure Hunt Ideas. Have Fun!

Picture 1

Monday 30th March

Make an Easter Card.

Friday 27th March-

Challenge for today is to build a den inside or outside. HAVE FUN!

Thursday 26th March-Daily Challenge


Draw a picture on the theme of "Happiness".

Wednesday 25th March


The Challenge is to make a model out of recycled materials. Have fun and good luck.

Tuesday 24th March


Today's Challenge


Sing  a Disney Classic Song- eg "Let it Be " from Frozen

If possible send a picture or record a video and send to us. Don't forget to tell us the song.


Have a lovely Day.


Pictures from yesterdays challenge will be on website shortly together with Hand washing posters.

Daily Challenge


Welcome to the first daily challenge!!


Monday 23rd March 


Make a face out of household objects and send us your pictures ~


Remember to keep washing your hands and we will be posting your hand washing poster online. 


Example:  1