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Welcome to FOSCS section.

The Friends of Stoke Canon School play an important role in the school community. Here you will be able to find meeting dates and details of forthcoming events.

Minutes from AGM

Chairpersons Welcome and report 

Chair’s Report 2022 / 2023 – Vicki Matthews
AGM – 19th October 2023

This year has been another successful year, we have offered our usual events which have been very well attended by the children and parents from the school. 

The events include 2 chocolate bingos, school disco, ice cream Friday’s and finally the fete.

The fete is by far our biggest event, and I refer to the treasurer’s report for exact numbers as to the amounts raised. We are very lucky to have so many people provide donations to ensure that the fete is a success. The Year 6 students had a great number of stalls all of which were such fun for all the children. 

Thanks to Emily who  organised the tea-towels and coasters which I know many people brought and supported by the school with doing the drawings in class. 

We are very lucky to have the school engaged with FOSCS and are willing to assist where required. 

We have not been able to increase the number of events we hold due to the lack of parents who are actively part of FOSCS. I hope this will change otherwise there is a risk that FOSCS cannot continue.

I would like to personally thank Rachel Cooke and Emily Hamilton who have been an integral part of ensuring the events can take place along with all other parent helpers who have volunteered. 

The current committee would welcome new members to take an active role as I have been part of the team for over 9 years. It is time others take the lead and bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the group. 

I wish to thank everyone who has supported FOSCS from all the parents and the school. 

I wish to stand down as chairperson, however I appreciate that there may need to be a period of transition to another person, therefore I will agree to continue for until the end of this current academic year, unless another parent would like to take this role over at this AGM. 

Thank you, 

Vicki Matthews.  

 Teachers Review 
Mr Grierson thanked FOSCS for their hard work throughout the year and stressed the importance of the activities that FOSCS run as part of the school calendar and the role that FOSCS plays in providing funds for activities and facilities at the school.  Mr Grierson also said how great it is that more parents are coming forward to become involved in running FOSCS, which is important for bringing new ideas for the group and to enable greater sharing of the effort in planning and running the events.


Treasurer Report for year 2022-2023
Rachel Cooke AGM 19th October 2023

We started the school year in September 2022 with a total of £2,537.14, (£1,412.87 in the current account, £1,094.27 in the savings account + £30 petty cash). We have enjoyed some good fundraising events over the year. 

We managed to raise £2,943.84 over the year, with the fete, bingos x2, Teatowel and coasters, disco and ice-creams. Amazon Smile gave us a total of £42.01 (from parents shopping on Amazon), over the year but has now discontinued their Smile venture. 

See below for a breakdown of money raised during each event. 

We have kept costs really low this year, with the largest costs including leavers hoodies, hiring a disco DJ, paying for the tea-towels, and some smaller costs of ice-creams and tuck shop supplies. We didn’t have a large cash prize at the fete which helped keep costs low for this event. Total spend over the year was £1,716.21. So the total profit was £1,227.63. We haven't had the larger expense of the coach trips this year but we have agreed to fund the coach to Grenville again next month. 

See below for a list of what the funds were used for. 

We have had a comfortable amount of funds throughout the year and haven’t had many requests for supplies for school to aid the children’s learning, so FOSCS will be checking in with school regularly to check their ‘wish lists’ for supplies. 

We are starting this next year (September 2023) in a stable financial position with current funds of £3,827.11 total (£2,699.80 in current account and £1,097.31 in the savings account + £30 petty cash). We are looking forward to many events over the coming year to keep topping up the funds, in order to continue to enrich the children’s learning experience at Stoke Canon School. 

With the help of the amazing FOSCS team we will hopefully have another great year of fundraising ahead. 

The fundraising events of 2022-2023 
Ice cream Fridays - £290.50 
Fete - £855.93 
Easter Bingo - £408.80 
Xmas Bingo- £385 
Amazon Smile - £42.01 
Tea-Towel & Coasters - £658 
Disco- £270.60 

What the funds were used for 
Leavers hoodies x 2 years (due to late invoice) - £440.50 
Raffle tickets- £30 
Ice creams- £65.32 
Jubilee Hall - £73.50 
Tea-towel printing - £426.19 
Food & tuckshop supplies - £273.70

Election of Officers 
Treasurer Rachel Cooke and Jen Ladd
Community Rep Sandra Brown
Teacher Rep Louise Herber
Special Needs Rep Claire Belcher

Chair Vicki Matthews

Vice Chair  Amber Lidstone
Promotion Dani Sparks
Secretary Hannah Peech

 Election of Representatives and other committee members  
Year Group
Pre school Samantha Kelly

Reception Samantha Kelly
Year 1 Claire Belcher
Year 2 Claire Belcher
Year 3 Amber Lidstone
Year 4 Amber Lidstone
Year 5 Vicki Matthews
Year 6 Vicki Matthews


Date of next AGM 17th October 2024












FOSCS contributions from Sept 2020-  Sept 2021


Due to Covid Restrictions and Lockdown not many events have been organised by FOSCS.

Ice creams were sold after school on Fridays. Contributions of chocolate were given by parents for Christmas Bingo. The Bingo had to be cancelled but all the chocolates were made up into hampers and a Christmas Raffle was held to raise money. The Christmas Productions were cancelled but KS1 performed a Nativity in Church and KS2 held a carol concert in two parts. Refreshments and a craft fair were held within the school for parents to enjoy and purchase Christmas gifts.

September 2021- September 2022


After the Covid restrictions the Friends of Stoke Canon School were able to restart fund raising. They were able to hold the annual Christmas Chocolate Bingo. In the Summer the annual Summer Fete was held in the school playground with help from parents and some of the stalls run by Year 6 pupils.

This money helps to subsides activities within the school year for all pupils to enrich the curriculum.

Beginning of the New School Year 2021-2022


The FOSCS decided to have a disco for children to have a period of fun time as we unfortunately had to miss our disco after Christmas due to Covid restrictions.