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Clyst Vale Fun Run

23 Stoke Canon pupils took part in the Clyst Vale Fun Run which took place on 10th May. They were all very determined runners and did the school proud ! We even had 4 pupils who finished in the top three of their races- well done to everyone though.

Our 2017 Mile Challenge.....

Football at Clyst Vale

Football at Clyst Vale 1

Our team played 5 games:

BEAT Whimple 4-1

LOST to Clyst St Mary A 1-2

LOST to Clyst St Mary B 0-1

DREW with Broadclyst 1-1

BEAT Lady Seaward's 1-0

Well done team !

Six Nations Rugby

We took part in our 3rd annual 'Six Nations' rugby tournament through the spring term, playing games against Landscore, Haywards, Brampford Speke, Thorverton and Newton St Cyres. 

We were pleased that we involved as many as 15 players in the games. They played with the true spirit of rugby:

Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment,Discipline and Sportsmanship 

Alice, Felix, Reagan, Will, David, Kieran, Finley, Noah, Isla, Isaac L, Rachel, Joe, Isaac B, Freddy, Elliot.

Great West Family Fun Run, 16th October 2016

Great West Family Fun Run, 16th October 2016 1
Our team of 12 runners completed 12 miles over the weeks preceding the Great West Family Fun Run and completed the final mile on race day, on the Great West course. Well done to all of them for their dtermination on the day and their dedication to a long programme of training.

Clyst Vale Fun Run

Clyst Vale Fun Run 1

Well done to 'Team Stoke Canon' who performed so well at Clyst Vale Fun Run on 18th May. Other schools taking part were Silverton and Clyst St Mary.

Medalists were:

Y3/4 boys: 2nd Elliot Wright, 3rd Kieran Newcombe

Y3/4 girls: 2nd Darcy White, 3rd Rachel Lowres

Y5/6 boys: 1st Samuel Mills

Y5/6 girls: 1st Lara Gimbuta

Netball at Clyst Vale

The team had an enjoyable afternoon in the sun at Clyst Vale, beating Silverton 5-2 and losing to Clyst St Mary 3-1. The big shock was that the courts were at least double the size of ours !

One Mile Challenge, 26th April 2016

Six Nations Tag Rugby.... Feb-March 2016

Six Nations Tag Rugby.... Feb-March 2016 1
As last year, we are taking part in the 'Six Nations' tag rugby tournament, organised by Scott Baker from Haywards School (Crediton). We are Italy !

France- Thorverton, England- Landscore, Scotland- Newton St Cyres, Ireland- Brampford Speke, Wales- Haywards.

So far, 10 children have had the chance to play in these games- we hope to include many more.


Fixtures 2016

Week 1 - France Vs Italy  Won 7-3 and Drew 6-6

Week 2 – Italy Vs England

Week 3 – Italy Vs Scotland

Week 4 –  Ireland Vs Italy

Week 5 – Final’s Day At Hayward’s-  Wales Vs Italy

Football at Whimple

We have played a few matches this term-

We played Clyst St Mary on our pitches and lost 6-1 and 2-0 despite having lots of the play.

At Whimple we lost one game 1-0 and won the next one 2-1

Well done team !

Great West Run, Schools Challenge 18.10.15

Great West Run, Schools Challenge 18.10.15 1

There are more photos available on Sportcam website-

Enter the password- 15EGWRSC and search photos by race number- next challenge is can you remember your race number ?!

Rugby World Cup tournament at Crediton RFC

Clyst Vale Fun Run

Our Stoke Canon team won all 4 gold medals at the Clyst Vale Fun Run ! We also won a silver medal.

Well done to all the runners who took part and represented the school so well.

Year 1 and 2 Tennis Coaching (with Exeter Tennis Centre)

Fun Run One Mile Challenge

Here are the medal winners from our Fun Run on 19/03/15.

It wasn't just about winning medals though- we were so impressed that almost everyone challenged themselves and ran their mile- it wasn't easy for some and it required a large dose of determination.

Some of our runners will be running the Clyst Vale Fun Run in April

Six Nations Tag Rugby..... Meet Scotland !

Our tag rugby team have taken part in a 'Six Nations' tag rugby tournament over the last five weeks. Stoke Canon represented Scotland ! They have played Haywards (Italy) Brampford Speke (Wales), Newton St Cyres (France), Thorverton (Ireland) and Landscore (England) schools. 

Stoke Canon won 2 games, but the most important thing was that the children enjoyed the rugby, tried their very best and played fairly.

24 children have represented the school over the last few weeks !

Also well done and many thanks to Haywards teacher, Scott Baker, who organised the tournament.


Girls football team

This is our successful girls football team, who recently beat Whimple 8-0.