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Autumn Term (1) 2018


Our new opening hours for this term are:

Monday 9am - 3pm

Tuesday 9am - 3pm

Wednesday 9am - 12 noon

Thursday 9am - 3pm

Friday - closed






Newsletter Autumn Term (2)

During the second half of Autumn Term our topic is "Sparkle". We have been celebrating the Diwali festival dressing up using scarves to make saris, dancing to Hindu music, writing invitations to tea parties and exploring objects that produce light. Next we will move on to fireworks looking at the sparkly patterns and shapes they make, exploring shape, texture and sound through expressive art and design activities. Stories we will focus on and encourage the children to engage in role play with are Room on the Broom and The Stick Man. we are continuing our Autumn theme through leap sessions moving and curling like leaves that have fallen from trees, exploring hedgehogs hibernating and Autumn walks collecting conkers. During December we will be learning about the Christmas story, celebrating by making decorations, cards and gifts to share with our families.

We will be arranging a Christmas party for the children and will send out a note soon to confirm the details.




During this Autumn term our theme will be "All About Me". We will be exploring textures, making self portraits and  talking about what we look like.  Learning that we have similarities and differences that connect us to, and distinguish us  from,  others.

We will be celebrating our  current season  spending as much time as possible outside. We will visit the church yard observing the changes during the Autumn,  collecting leaves to create and explore with.

Our main story will be the Gruffalo, We will be  making a Gruffalo display  learning the letter sounds of the characters in the story and exploring the shape of the letters.

Following these topics we will then move on to discover all about harvest time.




2nd Half Summer Term


The children had lots of fun at our Scarecrow Summer Party

This Term the Children Planted Sunflower Seeds

1st Half Summer Term

We have planned a busy and fun packed Summer Term with the topic ‘Time to Explore’. We are hoping we will be able to get out to explore our natural world and make the most of the summer sunshine.

We will begin the term exploring the book The Hungry Caterpillar and will learn about the life cycle of the caterpillar, their natural environment and using our creative skills to make lots of artwork. We will then move onto the book Dear Zoo and will spend time learning all about the animals in the story. Finally we will start learning about Farming, Scarecrows and Growing continuing with this last theme after the half term break.

We have been doing lots of activities learning about bugs and mini beasts.
2nd Half Spring Term

This half term our topic is Off We Go.


After we introduced a fabulous world map into Pre-school the children have been expressing an interest in travel and other countries. We have decided to extend this interest and this half term we will be thinking about the different ways we can travel.

Creating Repeating Patterns on our Hot Air Balloons

1st Half Spring Term

Welcome back after what we hope was a wonderful Christmas holiday.


We have lots of activities planned for the coming term .  It is a short term and we have lots of exciting activities and topics to pack in.


During the 1st half of the term we will be following the children's interests by focusing our Topic work on  Exploring Books. We have selected three books that give us some wonderful learning opportunities and we have planned lots of exciting  activities that will delight and inspire the children. The books we have chosen to focus on are:


  • We Are Going On A Bear Hunt
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • Barry the Fish With Fingers


We will continue with our physical development programme (LEAP) and this term will be focusing on Push and Pull.

Digging Area


The children have been enjoying our recently developed 'digging area'. They have been using diggers, spades and trucks to move the earth around and loved getting their hands dirty.


The children have continued to enjoy our Leap sessions. This term we have been concentrating on Push and Pull.



Welcome back to all our families old and new.


This term we are excited about finding out about all our children in our 'All About Me' Topic.  We will also be thinking about the change of the Seasons and Harvest. Have a look at our current newsletter for more information about the Half Term ahead.





The children showed a keen interest in robots when we read Harry and the Robots. So we decided to find out about how we could make our own robots. We worked as a team to make a class robot that is hanging on our wall. The children all had the opportunity to make their own robots from our junk modelling basket and some children independently chose to make a robot from the 'build it' construction set.



This term with have introduced a physical activity programme called 'Leap into Life'. Every morning the children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities designed to promote their movement skills.


This term we have focused on 2 of the core functional movements

1. GAIT - links to the Early Years Foundation Stage by supporting the children's ability to move with control and co-ordination.

2. LUNGE and LEAP - links to the Early Years Foundation Stage by supporting the children's ability to jump and move with confidence, imagination and safety.



The children have had lots of fun making firework pictures and creating their own rockets.

Ugly Bug Ball
At the end of last term we all had a wonderful time at the Ugly Bug Ball, the children all rated the event as a great success. Thanks again to Amy Charles for running the event and to Rachel Glassco for all your help on the day.



During this term we will be learning about THE NATURAL WORLD.


We have lots of exciting activities planned focused around what we hope will be a glorious summer. We will be planting beans and seeds, making a sunflower display for our room, decorating our seasonal trees and learning about things that grow and change.

Learning about Farm Animals

Decorating our Seasonal Tree



During the first half of Spring term we are focusing on Fairy Tales. We will be reading and taking part in activities around the stories, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Our latest newsletter will give you information about some of the activities the children will be taking part in this term and also includes ideas for activities to do at home with your child.

1st Half of Spring 2016 Newsletter

The Three Little Pigs - January 2016

Making the Three Little Pig's Houses - January 2016

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears - Making Porridge and Role-playing the story



We have a busy half term, we are focusing on Firework Night, changes in our natural environment, Room on the Broom and Stick Man stories and, of course, getting ready for Christmas.


Our latest newsletter will give you information about some of the activities the children will be taking part in this term and also includes ideas for activities to do at home with your child.



The children will be exploring our special winter sensory trays. If you would like to make these at home the recipes are as follows:


Snow Dough

2 Cups of Cornflour

1/3 - 1/2 Cups of Vegetable Oil

3-4 Tablespoons of glitter


Snow Sparkle

2 Cups of Table Salt

25g Glitter



Rockets and Fireworks November 2015

Collecting Sticks and Making Our Stick Men November 2015

Room on the Broom Novemer 2015

Carol Performance - December 2016



The children are practising some songs and rhymes to perform to their parents at the end of term.


A Jolly Snowman

A jolly little snowman

Had a carrot nose,

Along came a rabbit

And what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny,

Looking for his lunch

At the snowman's carrot nose......

Nibble, nibble, crunch!




Making Our Seasonal Tree and Snowman December 2015